Commissions TIme!

2017-08-05 01:46:33 by AtomicKingBoo

I've officially opened my commissions this month!

Single characters:

Rough Sketch - $10

Cleaned and colored - $20

Detailed - $30

Extra characters - +$10

With background - +$10


1.  The only drawing program I  used is Paint Tool Sai.

2. All communications and commissions wil sent to my PayPal account. My E-mail is 

4. Commission sketches will be done before payment to make sure they are to your liking. They will be completed and sent to you after payment is made.

5. Commissions will be done in the order I receive them.


I will not draw anything related to religion, politics, occultism, or things that just leave a bad taste in my mouth. (I have my own opinions on each of them and I’d rather not have my art reflect that)
I will not draw graphic violence or gore (blood and such does not fall under this rule. I just don’t wanna go all SAW with my work.)
I will not draw any of the related subject:

Other bodily functions
Extreme lactation
Anything else I’ll mention should it be brought up to me

I do not tolerate any sort of rude or ill-mannered attitude. (in other words, be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you)
I have the right to refuse any commission request that either breaks the above rules or I just don’t want to draw.

Here I'm going to start uplodaing some my favorite pics and soon I'm going to upload some new pics as well.